2011-09_09 08:55 Repaire HPA VH602-A2 R&S TX-Makassar

Berikut beberapa kegiatan Maintenance & Repaire di TX Makassar

2011-09_09_08-55_Repaire HPA_VH602-A2_Ex_Sound1_Rakck1_001

2011-09_09_08-55_Repaire HPA_VH602-A2_Ex_Sound1_Rakck1_002

2011-09_09_08-55_Repaire HPA_VH602-A2_Ex_Sound1_Rakck1_003

2011-09_09_08-55_Repaire HPA_VH602-A2_Ex_Sound1_Rakck1_004

2011-09_09_08-55_Repaire HPA_VH602-A2_Ex_Sound1_Rakck1_005

Repaired by : Abdul Muzakkir YMT & Yanuanri Pratama

Checked by : Pri@tuhu

Created by : Pri@tuhu

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